Domestic Removals

bistis movers«BISTIS MOVERS» started in 1967. Each day we give our best to improve the quality of our services. With our own trucks, facilities and permanent stuff we are in position to handle the most demanding cases of moves. Everything starts with a phone. Our moving consultant will visit you to estimate your needs and give you our offer. He will demonstrate you how we will pack your glasses, books, clothes, furniture etc, always with the best packing materials.

Together we will make all the necessary arrangements and determine the date of the move and the time schedule. When you meet our crew you will realize their professionalism and dedication to perfection, because they pay the same attention to all clients.  They will arrange everything so that everything will be transported safely to your new house. Take with you only the absolutely necessary and leave all the rest to us.




  • Bistis syskeuasia aposyskeuasia

    Packing & Unpacking

    We pack and unpack your personal
    or household belongings with great
    care, attention and detail in order
    to avoid any possible damage


  • Bistis asfaleia metaforas

    Moving Protection

    We make sure that all your stuff
    will remain safe throughout the
    entire moving process offering
    full reimbursement in case of
    any damage


  • Bistis ypiresies metaforas

    Moving Services

    We offer you specialized and
    based on your needs services
    which makes your moving or
    relocation as smooth and easy
    as possible

  • Bistis metafora oximatos

    Auto Moto Transport

    We transport fast and reliable
    your car, motorbike or even
    boat to your moving destination