Frigo Transport

After 50 years of successful experience in national and international road transport, our company, aware of the growing needs of transporting products that require special conditions, has decided to operate over the past five years in international refrigerated transport.

Οur top of the line certified  trucks are all equipped with the latest technology, electronically controlled equipment. There is a complete monitoring procedure throughout the duration of the loading-transport-delivery.

We can succeed the right conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation so that sensitive products (meat, fruit,dairy products, fish, medicines,) can be safely transported in their original condition.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that all our trucks are staffed with experienced and trusted personnel. The specially trained staff of our company's transportation management office can continuously monitor over GPS technology the position and whereabouts of our trucks and  therefore your products. The ruling factor in the success of company is the existence of permanent and specialized personnel which with continuing training seminars and follow-ups ensure the best possible results.

Our company is active throughout Europe mainly in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and having correspondents in most countries we can cover any transfer required. Our road transport office offers, full truck loads and consolidation (groupage) services.

For all of these reasons, as well as for know-how, combined with the existence of permanent and qualified staff, we are able to meet every need in the field of special transport.

Speed, reliability and the high quality of our services creates a fertile ground for the development of our cooperation.